[Linux] How to registering the Redhat Subscriptions and Upgrade a Small Version for RHEL

  • OS Version: Redhat 7.5 to 7.6

Using root accout to do all the things.

First you have to register your system

Input your redhat network’s ID and Password.

Then check the subscription that you have bought.

You can use <code>--all</code> option to show more details, but we only need to know the subscription ID that we bought. Find out the pool ID that we need.

After you attach the pool the <code>redhat.repo</code>`<code> file which is locate on </code>`<code>/etc/yum.repo.d/</code> will be replaced to Redhat official repository. So you can check what repo we get.

Second you can select the specific version that you want

Using the below command to update your yum db.

If you only want to update kernel then you can use,

After upgrading if you don’t need keep subscription, you have to unregister.


Chapter 7. Registering the System and Managing Subscriptions

Chapter 38. Unregistering from Red Hat Subscription Management Services

How to Upgrade/Update Redhat Linux to Specific version ? RHSM

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