[Linux] How to registering the Redhat Subscriptions and Upgrade a Small Version for RHEL

  • OS Version: Redhat 7.5 to 7.6

Using root accout to do all the things.

First you have to register your system

subscription-manager register

Input your redhat network's ID and Password.

Then check the subscription that you have bought.

subscription-manager list --available

You can use <code>--all</code> option to show more details, but we only need to know the subscription ID that we bought. Find out the pool ID that we need.

# Original
subscription-manager attach --pool=&lt;pool_id&gt;

# Ours
subscription-manager attach --pool=8axxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

After you attach the pool the <code>redhat.repo</code>`<code> file which is locate on </code>`<code>/etc/yum.repo.d/</code> will be replaced to Redhat official repository. So you can check what repo we get.

cat /etc/yum.repos.d/redhat.repo
subscription-manager list --consumed

Second you can select the specific version that you want

Using the below command to update your yum db.

yum --releasever=7.6 update

If you only want to update kernel then you can use,

yum --releasever=7.6 update kernel

After upgrading if you don't need keep subscription, you have to unregister.

subscription-manager clean
subscription-manager unregister


Chapter 7. Registering the System and Managing Subscriptions

Chapter 38. Unregistering from Red Hat Subscription Management Services

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